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How To Install HP CB380A, CB381A, CB382 and CB323A toner cartridge in your HP CP6015x Laserjet Print

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In this video we demonstrate
How To Install HP CB380A, CB381A, CB382 and CB323A toner cartridge in your HP CP6015x Laserjet Printer

HP CB380A, CB381A, CB382 ,CB323A

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The BM 800 Conversion

A quick walkthrough of converting a BM-800 (or BM-700) to a word class voiceover microphone. We will replace both the capsule and electronics to much better ones. Cost all in: Under a $100.

Parts List:
PCB: https://www.jlielectronics.com/diy-accessories/opa-alice-single-channel/

Circuit description: https://www.jlielectronics.com/content/OPABoardsREV_1.pdf

Capsule: https://www.jlielectronics.com/microphone-capsules/jli-2555bxz3-gp/

Saddle: https://www.jlielectronics.com/microphone-holders/jli-2555bxz3-gp-saddle/

Hardware: https://www.jlielectronics.com/diy-accessories/mounting-hardware-set/

Connection Diagram: https://www.jlielectronics.com/content/FET-LessREV2.pdf

Shootout audio of the build https://www.dropbox.com/s/9flbzyrmuykbraa/DIYMicShootOut.wav?dl=0

#Bm-800, #OPA-Alice, #DIYMicrophone, #Micbuilder
Matija Tatomirovic : Great as usual. Could you do a version of your opaAlice with hf filtering, for use with k67 capsules. To get that u87 deemphasis response?
joshua cabrera : Would a ceramic capacitor suffice for the XLR connectors with A 50vdc rating?
Raptakis K. : Nice Jules,
A project with Primo EM200 or relevant, with a Balanced FET preamp would be great also
Peter Cornell : Great project Jules! On my list...
Andrey Fastunov : What do you think if there is 1.5-2 meters of cable between the capsule and the preamp board (that is, the capsule and the preamp will be in different cases) will it be OK? Roughly speaking, I would like to use the JLI-2555 or JLI-3412 capsule as a Boundary Microphone (something similar to the Sanken CUB-01), and place the pream in a separate case.

Perfect Green Remanufactured for HP PERCB381A

Perfect Green Toner Cartridge - Replacement for HP (CB381A) - Cyan - Laser




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